The Beauty of Checks & Balances

Looking at all the cards within the S10 format as it is, from a purely competitive perspective, you’d probably gather that, without testing, Red and aggressive strategies in general would be the best archetypes in the format. “Unisons are too slow”, “Dredgeku taking its own life is bad”, “You have to draw your floodgate”, etc.Continue reading “The Beauty of Checks & Balances”

Frisco Brews: Gogeta Strength of Legends

Scrub Fam!!!! We’re back with another Son Goku, Strength of Legends (SOL) deck profile. If you followed 3xG in the Draft Box 5 format, you probably remember me making several decks based around SOL with  Surgeku Leader. Now with Unisons and the restricted specified cost, we must tailor the deck in a different way. CheckContinue reading “Frisco Brews: Gogeta Strength of Legends”