Frisco Brews: Gogeta Strength of Legends

Scrub Fam!!!! We’re back with another Son Goku, Strength of Legends (SOL) deck profile. If you followed 3xG in the Draft Box 5 format, you probably remember me making several decks based around SOL with  Surgeku Leader. Now with Unisons and the restricted specified cost, we must tailor the deck in a different way. Check it out! 

What does the deck do? 

Currently, the deck is 52 cards. The idea of the deck is that Zen-oh, Cosmic Unison turns on SOL on turn 3 since the requirement of the card is that you need 4 energy. The goal is to mill or combo away the non-blue cards in the deck to make this possible. The main thing to note is that we’re sacrificing the Activate Main ability to make this happen. Then you can use your leader ability before attacking to bait a negate to finish them off with Fu, Shrouded in Mystery or SS4 Gogeta, Peerless Fusion. Another cool note is that Zen-oh unison get’s to 5 energy quicker to turn on your double strike for your leader swing. 

Mulligan Strategies. 

Zen-oh unison is the most important card in the deck. If you don’t open with it, mulligan everything back. If you do have it, try to mulligan for Vegeta, Savior of the Future to have your self-awakening tool. 

Card Choices 

Non-Blue Cards: The cool thing about being blue is that you’re mono blue card is accounted for. If you steer away to a different leader, then the best generic blue cards require you to charge a blue energy. This way, we can get value from Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts and Furthering Destruction Ciampa without it costing any specified energy. Then, we can utilize Hasty Dispatch Dyspo to recycle our super combo, Zen-oh, edge of Space. 

SS Gotenks, Absolute Unison: I look at this card more of a Barrier Deflect Alternate Finisher with Removal or Draw engine. It fits nicely as a two off and your opponent must deal with since they don’t want it to stick for multiple turns. 

Hit Deadly Vanguard: I don’t know if it’s just me but Dimension Magic seemed to be gotten worse with Set 10. The main reason why is the ability to play free counter play’s when the Unison is on board (SS Trunks, God-Sealing Technique). However, I added 2 of these just so the you can get value off your extra energy since there are a lot of times that your defensive energy gets wasted. 

Soul Punisher: Making your leader a double strike crit for 35k for 1 energy is the definition of “DEECE”! Also, it fits in the conversation of utilizing your defensive energy wisely. 

Vegeta, Savior of the Future: 1 Cost double strikers are super important in this meta to deal with opposing unisons and you need a clear way to awaken. It’s a match made in heaven! You could potentially cut 1 to make the deck 51 cards. 

Secret Rare: You can either go with Black Smoke Dragon or SS4 Gogeta. I think I like Gogeta more since he has the ability to close out the game that turn whereas Black Smoke Dragon usually needs a second activate main skill to resolve to turn the corner. Fu, Shrouded of Mystery acts as another secret rare. When your opponent is at 2 or less life and you use the activate main skill so they can only use 1 counter for the turn, when you bait out the negate FU Shrouded or SS4 clears a path  to victory! 


If you’re looking for a super fun deck to play at locals, this is the deck for you. It’s not tier 1 by any means but it does do something powerful meaning it’s a blue leader that utilizes the drop area. For the next SOL deck, I’m going to tinker with Warp Lands with Zen-oh Unison and SOL to utilize the activate main ability. Stay tuned! 

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