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Matthew Coombs (#ScrubDad) – driven by the passion for solving problems and understanding formats better than most. Favorite decks to play are aggressive, tempo oriented strategies that allow me to apply pressure, but also the ability to finesse wins with decision making. Favorite characters would be Teen Gohan, Goku: Xeno, Jiren, Baby Vegeta, and Majin Vegeta

Frisco Fahs – the deck building aspect of the game always fascinated me with ratios and figuring out card choices that best suites that given deck. I’m the type of player that on analyzes each situation and calculates the best line to take even it’s a finals for a tournament or If I’m playing causally with the boys. My favorite decks to play were Veku Ramp, Red Gogeta, Invoker and GY Jiren. My Favorite Characters are SS2 Gohan, Mystic Gohan (Buu saga), Gogeta and Vegito.

Jose Mercado – hardworking/grindy, I like decks that with high complexity and high flexibility. I have fun playing aggressive strats to corner my opponent, I will never play a deck that wasn’t created by my friends or me. Favorite Characters in Order: Vegeta, Baby, Cell, Broly(s), Vegito, Gogeta

Pat O’Neill –

Richard Zapp – card game enthusiast for over 15 years, Richard Zapp loves using his understanding of theory, math, and interpersonal skills to have fun with card games both at and off the play-mat. Generally attracted towards versatile, tempo-based decks and finding combo-driven archetype, any deck featuring Teen Gohan or SS3 Saiyans are on his radar too.

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