Frisco Brews: Red Vegito is Back!!!

By Frisco Fahs

Hey Scuba Scrubs! 

We’re back with another deck profile and my first deck profile with the new Anniversary product that’s going to be released in the coming weeks. I’m super excited to go over my Vegito Deck profile that I’ve been working since Vegito, Resolved Combined was teased. Let’s dive right into it!

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What does this deck do?

The goal of this deck is to play Hyper Rush SSB Vegito on Turn 2, 3 and maybe 4. The way you do this is by using Vegito, Polymorphic Potara on turn 1 and Union-Potara with Vegito, Resolved Combined and use the Activate Main on turn 2. You can also, do this play by playing a 1 drop Goku/Vegeta on turn 1 and spend 1 energy on the 2nd turn on the Goku/Vegeta you need with a Senzu bean to make the same play live. Also, you can achieve the same goal with a Saiyan Duo Son Goku/Vegeta Package or a turn 2 Vegito, Polymorphic Potara with a Senzu Bean. There’s a lot of nuances that I will get in with the card interactions portion of the article.

Mulligan Strategies: 

This is probably the most important section of the article because you need to know how the deck is built and functions to plan accordingly on your mulligan.

Priority 1 – You need a Vegito, Resolved Combined in your opener. If you don’t have it, mulligan all 6 back. If you do, move onto the next Priority.  

Priority 2 – You need a Polymorphic or a Senzu Bean. Since the deck requires 1 drops or playing both Goku’s and Vegeta with 1 energy, it’s best to have a Senzu Bean to if you don’t have a polymorphic since you can make your Hyper Rush turn happen more consistently.

Priority 3 – Keep a 1 drop Goku’s/Vegeta’s as the alternate way to Union-Potara so you can awaken turn 2 when you take your own life 3 times (1 life with a Goku/Vegeta and 2 life with Hyper Rush and the 4th life will be coming from an opponent’s attack turn 1 attack)

Important Interactions to Note:

Broly, Ultimate Agent of Destruction: I think the biggest shock to the deckis the SCR choice. Well, I like free things and this card is played for free after my opponent has to deal with my threats or I can offensively trigger his auto with Belmod, Double Devastation. This deck as many ways to go to 1 life like all the 1 drops and Hyper Rush himself! There’s another cool target for Broly. Find Out below!

Son Goku, Strength of Legends: Yep, he’s back againand better than ever! There’s a lot to note on this card. If you have more then 1 in your hand in the early game, he’s not only a black energy which helps a lot. You only need 1 yellow Vegeta/Goku to fulfil the cards conditions to play him for free turn 4. Also, he say’s you can’t Evolve of him but Union-Potara is a different skill so he’s a free Union-Potara target. Once you do that, you can play another for free from your hand which is awesome. Funny thing is, I think paying 4 for his Activate Main ability is better then paying for either Vegito SCR’s since Goku SoL plays around most of the Counter Play cards in the game! Just make sure to have at least 1 yellow energy charged by turn 4. Lastly, he’s a 9 drop that’s now a green battle card that also triggers Broly, Ultimate AoD with Belmod 4 drop which is insane!

Bardock, the Resolute: Just a FYI, you can’t play him after you use Polymorphic. Therefore, try to apply pressure before committing to that line of play to apply more pressure onto your opponent. The same goes for Belmod as well.

Tutors:  When you’re looking through your deck, you need to confirm what’s in your deck. How many 7 drop Vegito’s are left?  How many Saiyan Duo Vegeta’s are left? Is my Lightning Speed Vegito in the deck? All these questions need to be answered ASAP to insure you make the right lines of play for future turns. Make sure you don’t take too long since you can get called for time on this.

Lightning Speed Vegito: This card acts as a 5th copy of Hyper Rush Vegito. Once Hyper Rush is in your hand, you don’t really want to charge it since you need that red energy. Therefore, Saiyan Duo Son Goku makes a perfect way to pitch it out of your hand. Just make sure you have a Duo Vegeta in your drop or deck. Also, Son Goku Saiyan Reborn is a great way to get Hyper Rush out of your hand while accruing value. Also, blowing up a 3 drop or less during defense is not so bad after all!

Vegeta, resolve Renewed: If Green becomes more and more popular, you can probably max this out since it counters Frieza, Charismatic Villain!

Power Modifications: As a reminder, Senzu Bean, SSB Son Goku, Tenacious Warrior and Vegeta, Savior of the Future all transfer their power modification to their Union-Potara targets. Therefore, if you use Vegeta skills to take 1 life for 10k double strike, the Vegito, Combined Resolved would be a 35k but then you use the Activate Main, to go into Lightning Speed for a 30k Attack then into a Hyper Rush for a 35k Triple Strike.


The decks biggest weakness is itself. If you don’t see the 5 drop Vegito, you’re going to have a bad time. However, once you resolve 1 chain and awaken, you have a 10+ card hand which more often then not, it’s super easy to go in the second chain. I will be testing this deck in the gauntlet and see how it fairs against Invoker, Dredgeku, Syn Shenron and Vegeks. If I had to make an educated guess, I think the deck is definitely Tier 1.5 and has a decent shot to make an impact. I hope you enjoyed!

KKKkkkkkkkkkk, Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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