Agents of Destruction… HERE TO DESTROY!!!

Why, hello #ScrubFam.  For those that don’t know me, I go by Brian Read (since that’s my name) – aka: hurricanegl. It is my pleasure to bring to you today, a deck list I am quite fond of and simply cannot wait to play with IRL.  First, a couple of obligatory shout-outs:  Thank you 3xG for providing me the opportunity to share this deck list and all the help you’ve provided me throughout the years of me playing DBS.  Big shout out to Richard Zapp for introducing me (and the world) to the OG Agents of Destruction deck way back with Dende AoD. Shout out to Daniel Brown for inspiring this with one simple comment to a FB post: “You should try Cell Xeno as the SCR”.  Now onto the STARS of the new Anniversary Box – the NEW Agents of Destruction.

Enter AoD by Babidi

So, this deck obviously revolves around all the new AoD cards we are getting in the new Anniversary box, starting with the leader: Babidi, Leader of the Agents of Destruction//Majin Buu, Leader of the Agents of Destruction.  For this deck I focused on the Yellow & Green AoD in order to work towards that spicy recommendation of Cell Xeno. The AoD Leader Front side we have the Permanent skill that removes all specified cost from <Agent of Destruction> cards.  It’s Auto allows you to take up to 1 life AND look at the Top 5 of your deck for a card with {Agent of Destruction} in its name.  (((Ruling Note: Bandai has ruled that Agent & Agents will be treated the same))).  This deck is HEAVY on the AoD cards so the probability of hitting one of these is VERY HIGH, especially when you add in the Extra Card AND the Unison Warrior as viable targets.  Back Side gets even better with TWO Activate: Main skills.  The first allows you to play a 2 cost or less card with <Agent of Destruction> in the name for FREE.  The 2nd costs 3 energy and allows you to play a Unison Card with {Agent of Destruction} in its name with 3 markers.

AoD Strikes Back

Now the leader is not our only new toy in the set.  Bandai really has produced some HIGH-QUALITY cards in this archetype. Let me tackle them in order of optimal play:

  1. Hatchhyack, Vengeful Agent of Destruction – the most IMPORTANT skill to get the deck going is the Activate: Main (1), discard this card from your hand : Play up to 1 <Evil Wizard Babidi> card with an energy cost of 1 from your deck…shuffle.
  2. Turles, Chaotic Agent of Destruction – this card lets you dig and thin, which is super important for finding all those pieces that can overwhelm your opponent.
  3. Garlic Jr, Immortal Agent of Destruction – this is our clutch Negate that when it gets played allows you to play a 2 cost or less AoD from your deck.
  4. Lord Slug, Mighty Agent of Destruction – the primary target of Garlic Jr.  He’s a Super Combo with Unique and a Counter: Play deterrent for your opponent.  Once he’s established, if your opponent activates Counter: Play they have to discard 2 cards….EVERY TIME.
  5. Android 13, Exterminating Agent of Destruction – Counter: Play that prevents a 3 cost or less from coming into play, play the card, and opponent discards 1. THEN it’s auto triggers and you can shuffle up to 2 AoD or Babidi back into your deck.
  6. Broly, Invincible Agent of Destruction – Activate: Main is ok, but not it’s meat and potatoes.  Auto is the money maker.  When you play this card, you choose an opponent Battle Card 5 cost or less, KO it, look at up to 3 cards of deck, take ANY 1 to hand, the rest go to drop.
  7. The Agents of Destruction Strike Back (Extra Card) – Permanent: The card gains <<Agent of Destruction>> in all areas. Activate: Main – look at the top 2 cards of deck, grab up to 2 that have {Agent of Destruction} in their name. Bottom deck the rest. If you took a card to hand, you may take up to 1 life.
  8. Vegeta, Resolute Agent of Destruction (Unison Warrior) – Double Strike & Critical. Auto, when you play him, pitch one and nuke your opponent’s board ignoring Barrier. (+1) Give him +5K powr. (-5) If your Leader is an <<Evil Wizard>> or all your energy is mono-green: Choose 3 cards in your opponet’s hand and discard them.

Playing the Curve

I have found that my first 3 turns are pretty standard, if I can pull it off.  I am looking to start with 2 cards in my opening hand: Hatch & Turles.  These guys get this deck going so I REALLY want to see them.  If I see Cell Xeno, then it’s my lucky day.  T1 I am looking to resolve Hatch to get Babidi in play.  I want him to turn all my 2 cost AoD into 1 cost, my 3 cost AoD into 2 cost, and my 1 cost Extra Card is now FREE. The lynchpin of this deck being absurd is Babidi, Overseer of Destruction.  It is a 1 cost card with Barrier AND the Permanent that reduces the cost of all <Agent of Destruction> cards in your hand by 1.  If I have the Extra card, I am playing it here to get some of the AoDs to hand, especially if I’m missing Turles. Attacking obviously depends on if you are on the play/draw.  When you can attack with the leader, do so to dig and thin the deck.

T2 I am looking to dig and thin some more to garner more resources.  So, I’m swinging with my leader, likely taking the life, and grabbing an AoD from my Top 5.  Then I am going to tap my 1 to play Turles thanks to No Specified Cost from leader and reduced cost from Babidi Battle Card.  I am looking to swing and dig for another AoD card. Again, if I have the Extra Card…I am going to play it for FREE.  I’ll take life so I can set up a T3 Awaken.  T2.5 I’m passing to my opponent with 1 energy up.  By now I SHOULD have a Garlic Jr and/or A13 in hand.  I will use my one energy on which ever is the best play for the situation. Usually this means I’m going to Negate with Garlic Jr and free play Slug from my deck.

T3 I should be set up to Awaken just needing my opponent to attack my leader ONE time.  Once I charge, I’m going to sequence in the most optimal way for the situation. I want to dig with my leader and with Turles. I want to get value out of my 1 energy I’m going to Untap from leader Awakening. This can play out in a variety of ways.  If I need to take another life to Awaken, I’ll play DPBMS.  If I need to draw, hopefully I have a Koitsukai in the drop to allow me to dig 2 cards deeper into my deck.  If neither of those are required, I likely just play another Garlic Jr or A13.  I’d prefer the Garlic so I can bring out an A13 off of his skill. Then I’m looking to Awaken.  Here I’m going to use Leader Skill to Free Play a 3 cost AoD.  This is possible, once again, due to Babidi on board making them cost 1 less.  Primarily, I want to play Broly.  He let’s me pop a card off my opponent’s field and dig deeper into my deck (I’ve hit my Cell Xeno SOOOO MANY times off Broly).  If I still need to dig, and I have a 2nd Broly in hand, I likely hard cast him for 2.  If not, I will play ANY of the other G/Y 3 Cost AoD.  I’m reserving my 1 energy in case I need to counter a counter: play.  This is where I start putting the real pressure. I swing like crazy using almost no combo power.  I just want to deplete my opponent’s life and/or hand. Once I’ve swung as much as I can, my opponent is likely sitting at 4 or less life.  I probably tap my last energy if I haven’t used it and play another 2 drop.  Swing one last time for another 15k base.  If my opponent still is surviving, they should have a relatively small hand.  So, my final trick is to sack 2 of my 3 Cost AoD and 3 of my 2 Cost for successor into Xeno Cell.  I’ve been able to do this so that I can swing 8-10 times for 11-14 damage on T3.  OPPRESSIVE.

The Extra Spots

The deck is obviously more than just AoD.  One of the toughest setbacks the deck has is limited natural draws. To compensate I went with a 2-2 split on Super Combos. AoD Slug for the effects and Roshi for the draw.  I also included 3 of the Goku Draw Ape to help me dig and recover if I fall behind curve. Koitsukai is a great draw engine with the added benefit of making my opponent pay if they want to Counter: Play me with a card that comes into play and has 20k or less power.

Also, in those games where my opponent is able to stall me out, I want the option to do it to them as well.  Putting Flying Nimbus in the deck can help me accomplish this.  Also, when the game goes longer, I can play out Vegeta AoD (Unison Warrior).  He works to reset my opponent’s board, apply more pressure, and gives me the opportunity to play Frieza, Charismatic Villain Counter: Play against them.


I LOVE THIS DECK.  It’s not Tier 0. But I think it will have a share in Tier 1.  There are “Unexpected” & “Righteous” answers to the deck. People should definitely start preparing now.  If you sleep on it, it will give you nightmares.  Can’t wait to hear feedback from all of you Scrubs like me out there.  Now grab a deck and get your game on.

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