A Look at the Format

Another PPG webcam qualifier has passed us by and the perceived meta game continues to do some moving and shaking coming off of the Pro-Play Tour just last weekend. Top 16 of the Pro-Play Tour – Invoker Winner 5x Dark Broly4x Mecha Frieza1x Reboot Gohan1x Turles1x Invoker1x Launch1x Syn Shenron1x Red Broly1x Clashku The narrativeContinue reading “A Look at the Format”

Crusher Corps – This is the Way

The Turles hype train has started to gain some steam as we continue to close in on the official release date of Vicious Rejuvenation! Yesterday, we released our deep dive into ACEC and today I want to take sometime to talk about how the Turles deck functions, the card selections made to optimize ACEC, andContinue reading “Crusher Corps – This is the Way”

The Importance of ACEC in Modern DBS

ACEC – Average Converted Energy Cost Akin to most other resource based TCG’s, the longer a game is in development – the cheaper (cost wise) and more powerful cards have to become in order to create churn within current formats and give incentive to players to buy the new cards to remain competitive in whicheverContinue reading “The Importance of ACEC in Modern DBS”

Giant Force Brews: PUMP UP THE JAM!!!

FINALLY!!! We can brew some sweet decks with some new crads!!! There comes a time every set where new cards are released and you then have to look back on the past to see if there are any old leaders or cards that best synergize with the new, shiny things. This time around, Broly//Broly, EvilContinue reading “Giant Force Brews: PUMP UP THE JAM!!!”