ROTG Brews: UG Control – Army of One

Untap List:

1 Broly // Broly, Evil Unleashed (sd8-01)

2 Dr. Rota, Unknown Potential (db2-042)
1 Son Goku and Son Gohan, Saiyans of Earth (db1-091)
1 Son Gohan, Confronting Invasion (bt15-071)
1 Nappa, On Guard (bt15-085 r)
4 Hasty Dispatch Dyspo (db2-092)
1 Supreme Kai of Time, Spacetime Unraveler (bt12-154)
1 SS3 Son Goku, Man on a Mission (bt11-127)
2 Majin Buu, Unadulterated Destruction (bt14)
3 Zarbon, Cosmic Elite (p-223)
4 Majin Buu, Unadulterated Malice (bt14-082)
4 Senzu Bean (bt1-053)
1 Jiren, Army of One (db2-123)
3 Realm of the Gods – Champa Destroys (bt16-069 r)
4 Cell’s Earth-Destroying Kamehameha (bt9-132)
4 Android 16, Steadfast Comeback (eb1-64)
4 Kusu, Angel of Universe 10 (bt16-139)
4 Android 18, Bionic Blitz (bt9-099)
4 Ribrianne, Punishing Passion (db2-069)
2 Broly, Unrealized Ambition (bt6-063_pr)

With Realm of the Gods releasing soon-ish and the new ban list removing Cell Surge from the format, this created a void that left Green in a really awkward place. This is mostly due to Saiyan Showdown and Realm of the Gods providing very little to support to Green as a whole. Realm of the Gods did however introduce two key cards that drew my attention back to hand control, Kusu and Realm of the Gods – Champa Destroys.

Why Starter Broly?

Put on the map in recent months by the Asian National Championships and then Wang Poh Ann finishing top 4 at the World Championships, it was proven that Starter Broly had the makings of a championship level strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

The leader promotes protecting life in the early game – when you can combo your hand away knowing that you’re going to awaken and draw a fresh set of six cards, it creates awkward exchanges for the opposing player since they don’t know when you’re going to take life or choose to protect it.

The leader refuels every turn – this to me is probably the biggest reason why I took the approach with the list above. The ability to draw so many combo based cards that drive hand destruction on a turn by turn basis is absolutely game warping. Not only that, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to see every card in your deck, which means you don’t have to play a high number of finishers.

The leader has built-in removal every turn – tempo in DBS has shifted more and more towards battlefield presence. As the game has become more fair and actions per turn as come down substantially, having a leader that can remove any threat every turn without paying energy is something that is pretty broken.

What does this deck do?

In this list we want to spend our energy and resources on our opponent’s turn to reduce their hand size as much as possible. We then abuse the leader’s ability to draw a fresh set of cards every turn to keep fueling this strategy. As the game winds down we want to win through slowing chipping away at our opponent while managing their resources, or one-shot them with Jiren, Army of One.

We NEED to Combo

We have 19 cards that allow us to discard the opposing player’s cards during the combo step. This is the main reason we are cutting negates outside of Buu. Especially since Buu plays really well into the hand control strategy, and is a card we can combo to setup Army of One.

I have also thought about playing the 4th Champa Destroys and the full 4 Marcaritas, but 4x Senzu Bean isn’t enough to play all these 1 cost combo cards lol.

*Note: To avoid being punished by Zamasu/Cheelai Super Combo on our turns, we need to combo our cards defensively so that our first swing on our turn can be the refuel.

We got that good D

Another neat part of this deck, which was a late addition by Frisco Fahs, is the Dyspo/Blocker package that keeps fueling our defense or our leader’s removal ability.

Dyspo is another free combo with a ton of upside for this deck. The ability to just bring back a blocker at will to end your turn, or to turn on your leader skill is just too much value to pass up. Especially since we aren’t really doing things on our turn, aside from maybe spending two energy to activate a Ribrianne.

Nappa, On Guard is a blocker with some super cute upside. Son Gohan, Confronting Invasion provides a way to help reduce Unison Markers and self-awaken, and Rota is pure value by allowing you to untap your only Blue energy.

With this package, Zarbon, Buu negate, and plenty of combo power – it is going to be incredibly hard for decks to break through and kill us before we reduce their hand size to 0.

How are we winning?

It is a long, grindy road to victory but we do have a few ways to close a game out:

1.) Chip shots plus hand control

2.) Man on a Mission plus existing board to take opponent from X to 0.

3.) I have been waiting so long for this…

Probably one of the coolest cards ever printed and honestly, with a lot of these combo based hand control cards, Army of One is finally setup to see some major shine. Being able to combo your hand down to just Army of One while reducing your opponent’s hand to 0 feels borderline oppressive at times. I truly hope everyone messes around with this style of win condition as we get further into ROTG testing.

A Lesson to be Learned

A lot of folks have probably already gathered this while playing DBS, but it has become much more clear to me as of late that Hand Control is probably the closest thing to a true control strategy in DBS when compared to the traditional archetypes across other games. When playing control, you’re focused on reducing your opponent to 0 threats on board and minimal cards in hand while protecting your life total in an effort to turn the corner and close out the game with one of a few win conditions within your deck. Your deck is constructed with the majority of cards being ways to answer your opponent on a 1 for 1 and X for 1 basis, with the leftovers being slots for actual threats/win conditions.

Isn’t that insane how that description matches DBS Hand Control so perfectly? I know I am probably late to the party lol, but just wanted to share my own revelations. If anything, this makes me an actual fan of Hand Control strategies, whereas before I was always kind of medium on them.

Anyways… happy testing ❤

#scrubfamisbestfam #KTHXBAAAIIIIII

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