Realm of the Gods: LebronJames.dec

Untap List:

1 Trunks // SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks, Father-Son Onslaught (bt16-071)

2 Secret Identity Masked Saiyan (bt10-140)
2 SS Trunks, Altering the Future (bt13-093)
4 Mecha Frieza, Robotic Riposte (p-331)
2 Swift Retaliation Cooler (ex06-27)
4 Son Goku, Steadfast Assistance (bt15-096 sr)
1 Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief (bt9-091 c)
3 Krillin, Moments Before Comeback (bt11-097)
1 Bergamo, Ferocious Roar (db2-108)
1 Pan, Time Patrol Maiden (bt15-155 scr)
1 Furthering Destruction Champa (bt1-005)
1 Putine, the Dark Sorcerer (bt10-139)
4 Turles, All Too Easy (bt15-107 sr)
2 Realm of the Gods – Black Kamehameha (bt16-092)
2 Frieza Army Reinforcements (eb1-48)
2 Vegeta’s Final Flash (bt9-133)
4 The Power of a Super Saiyan (bt13-120)
4 Bulma, Future on the Line (bt16-084)
3 Vegeta, Father-Son Teamwork (bt16-079)
3 Trunks, Father-Son Teamwork (bt16-083)
4 SSB Vegeta, Future on the Line (bt16-077)
4 SS2 Trunks, Future on the Line (bt16-081)

With Realm of the Gods we already touched on the other “top tier” archetype, Red Goku Supreme, but today I want to take you through my current list for what I believe is far and away the best deck coming out of ROTG – Yellow Trunks/Vegeta, aka “LebronJames.dec”, because this deck truly does do it all.

A segment about tempo in current standard DBS

Before diving into why this deck is so strong, I want to take a second and talk about how the definition of tempo in DBS has shifted, for better and for worse.

In previous formats, tempo in DBS was determined by APT (Actions Per Turn) and ACEC (Average Converted Energy Cost). This meant that top tier decks were, by all standard card game definitions, broken. Games were less about the trading of resources and more about reaching critical mass as quickly as possible and snowballing that supreme advantage into a win.

Coming off of a ban list, then Nationals/Worlds, and now with Realm of the Gods, we’re in a completely different world. Tempo has now shifted back into being about the ability to use most of, if not all of your energy on both offense and defense, addressing board states on an X for 1 basis, and maintaining card advantage/parity on a turn by turn basis while playing offense and defense. This overall is a much healthier place, but leads to formats being much easier to solve when you have clear-cut best leaders/archetypes that do the above items better than the tier below them.

Spoiler alert: Trunks/Vegeta combined with the available yellow toolbox checks all of those boxes and is clearly a top tier archetype.

What does Trunks/Vegeta offer you?

Yes, Trunks/Vegeta forces you into playing the cards within the archetype, but there is no downside. SS2 Trunks, Future on the Line is probably one of the most absurd tempo generators we have ever seen. With your awakened ability, it draws 2 cards on play, offers you a Barrier Blocker, and includes an auto ability that dictates the way your opponent has to structure their turns. This is one of those cards I have talked about recently that creates tension.

In case Yellow didn’t have enough, the archetype also offers you SSB Vegeta, Future on the Line which again draws 2 with your leader ability on play, then also lets you KO any Battle Card in rest mode, ignoring Barrier. This means that combined with Yellow’s other disruptive effects like Riposte and Steadfast, we now have a super clean, efficient answer to any opposing threat at anytime that also draws us 2 cards.

The craziest part about this archetype is that the leader acts as the facilitator:

Just the ability to awaken early and ensure your engine is always online is really over the top. There is 0 downside to opting to play a Trunks , Vegeta, or Bulma from drop, your first evolve each turn draw 2 cards, and you now have a leader with built-in Double Strike that pairs beautifully with Swift Retaliation Cooler, as if that card needed any buffs.

The level of defense is offensive

One of the things that has stood out to me with this archetype is that once you have a Trunks 3 drop online, and you combine it with the other tools Yellow has available, games become about whether or not you want to let your opponent do something to you, or if you want to take a damage.

See below:

Against this lineup plus the additional threats of:

How does any “fair” strategy play around all of the tools you have at your disposal. As stated above, games end up being played on your terms which truly is the ultimate form of control in DBS.

The amount of removal is offensive

Trunks Unison offers a high impact attacker with the ability to use the 0 ability to neutralize a smaller threat, or the -3 ability to draw a card and get a strong X for 1.

Turles, All Too Easy on play has the ability to draw a card and KO 1 threat, or KO 2 threats on play.

SSB Vegeta has the ability to kill any threat in rest mode.

Secret Identity is the best Over Realm and always nets an X for 1.

It is just insane how many tools this archetype has access to.

You will notice that I excluded Trunks/Vegeta 8 drop from the deck:

While I do love the card, I am just a huge fan of reducing the number of cards that I can’t combo and more importantly, getting my money’s worth right now. I want my cards to pay me immediately, and with the amount of disruptive effects running around, Trunks/Vegeta 8 drop is just too risky/costly of an investment at this time.

And for those reasons:

I'm sorry But I'm out - Mark Cuban is not impressed | Meme Generator


If you’re looking to make an investment in Realm of the Gods, Yellow Trunks/Vegeta is where I would invest my money. The required cards from the set for the archetype are all easily attainable/affordable since they are lower rarities and this means all of your cards you have obtained from previous sets continue to get a ton of use. The jury is still out on Icarus vs Trunks/Vegeta, but to address a wide meta game, I love the versatility that Trunks/Vegeta provide within their engine. Another thing is that this archetype is forgiving enough for all levels of player, but leaves a ton of room for mastery so you can sleeve this up at any competitive event and have a chance at topping. I know there is a ban list announcement looming so we’re all holding our breath to see what happens to Power of a Super Saiyan, but in the meantime, enjoy this list posted above on Untap and as always – Happy Testing ❤

#scrubfamisbestfam #KTHXBAAAIIIIII

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