Frisco Brews: Oh, How I’ve missed You Old Friend!

Hey Scuba Scrubs! 

We’re back with another deck profile and this one brings back a lot good memories. Red Gogeta Br back in Set 6 was one of my favorite decks and it was so unappreciated/unrepresented, it gravitated my attention even more. So much so that I was 2nd in Swiss and top 16 in Niagara Regional and Top 32 at 2019 Nationals. Now, Set 11 is coming out In October and Red Gogeta is back! Let’s check out this set 11 Brew.

Click Here for Shenron’s Lair Deck List

What does this deck do?

The decks game plan is straightforward. The goal is to resolve as many SSB Gogeta, Technique Unchained as consistent and as much as possible. The card is so flexible that it allows you to close games in a hurry by swinging 55k to leader and adds a bunch of Markers on your Unison or essentially removing 3 Markers when attacking a Unison and allows amazing protection when unchecked on the opponents turn. Once it’s protected with Strategies of Universe 7, you can follow up with another chain or go into SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught.

Mulligan Strategies: 

My goal is to have Birth of a Super Warrior, a Unison (preferably Gotenks, Earth Shattering Might) and Gogeta, Fusion of the Gods in my opening hand. The reason why I want to keep the 5 drop Gogeta in my hand is that it essentially draws 3 new cards with the Leader Skill and the Union-Fusion skill and you should see a 6 drop by turn 3 so it’s not necessary to have all the pieces in your hand at the start of the game.

Card Choices

1 Cost Red Extra Cards: The New Gogeta Leader is unique that it tutors 1 Cost Red Extra Cards from the top 7 cards from your deck. This allows you to find Frieza’s Death Ball, Violent Rays, Wolf Gang Fist and most importantly Birth of a Super Warrior. All these cards are super important for the deck to function properly. Birth of a Super Warrior has the flexibility to run less Goku BR’s and Vegeta BR’s since you can utilize the same 2 over the course of the game for Union-Fusion compared to the Set 6 variants when you needed to run 12-14 copies of Goku Br’s and Vegeta’s BR’s to have the consistency of your leader skill’s plus targets for Unison-Fusion in hand. One card that has been overperforming is Wolf Gang Fist. In the early turns, this card puts in so much work because it essentially is saying “my Unison is surviving another turn” which is really important and super energy efficient to play the Unison on turn 2 compared to turn 3.

Unison Cards: The preferred Unison to have is Gotenks, Earth-Shattering Might. Every turn it survives provides additional card draws or a way to close out the game in a hurry. On turn 3, you can play this Unison and awaken and still play the Gogeta Chain to give it 4 Additional Markers (1 from Unison Auto, 1 from 5 drop Gogeta, and 2 from Gogeta 6 drop) and have the ability to close out the game with the -5 Skill to make the Unison a 30k Double Strike Dual Attacker. If worse comes to worse, you have Gotenks, Unison of Rage which can be done with the same sequencing as the other Gotenks Unison but now you can use the -2 skill to start picking apart your opponent’s hand and making informed decisions which feels really good.

Veku, Contents Under Pressure: This is a free Union-Fusion skill that can be used in the early game to apply pressure to leaders or unisons while drawing cards from your leader skill and adding a marker to your Gotenks Unison. It starts to lose value in the later turns in the game but sees big returns in the early game since it essentially is saying get a free 15k attacker that can attack Active Mode Battle Cards and draw a card for the turn which is pretty deece.

Gogeta Chain: I’m not going to lie, when first reading the chain, it can seem underwhelming when reading the green cards right beside it in the previews.However, when playingthe new chain, it feels very strong and can provide so much value on both players turns. Gogeta, Fusion of the Gods let’s you see 3 new cards with Union-Fusion skill and Leader skill while essentially clearing the board which mitigates the need SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated Destruction. By the way, the card has deflect and can’t be KO’ed which gets around the majority of the counter play cards in the game. Then you’re able to go into SSB Gogeta, Technique Unchained for zero energy that provides flexibility that “allows you to close games in a hurry by swinging 55k to leader and adds a bunch of Markers on your Unison or essentially removing 3 Markers when attacking a Unison and allows amazing protection when unchecked on the opponents turn.” (quoted from earlier) In the later parts of the game, SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught is the perfect way to close the game because your opponent is basically playing with 2 less life over the course of the game which forces your opponent to stop any swing from 4 life to 2 life which can put them super behind in hand advantage. Just a reminder that you can’t play the 6 drop and the 8 drop in the same turn since the 6 drop states you can’t play battle cards for the reminder of the turn.

SCR: The best SCR for the deck (as of now) is SS4 Gogeta, Peerless Fusion not just because it’s a Gogeta card but because Black Smoke Dragon would seem very hard to pull off. You could go with either one because they’re both really good, but it just comes down to preference and card availability.

Zero Copies of Toppo, The Righteous Aid: It’s crazy to think but we live in a world now that Toppo, The Righteous Aid cost too much energy and seems to be more of a liability when your opponent can fight right through it (Bibidi Super Combo) or has a Counter Play card that doesn’t let that auto activate. Also, the debut Violent Rays has a lot to do with it as well. Violent Rays cost 1 less energy, has far more less cards that can interact with it, and has the ability to stifle an opponent’s turns. I appreciate the fact that Violent Rays stops anything 20k or higher power while Wolf Gang Fist, Frieza’s death Ball, Is that all you Got, Gogeta 6 drop can deal with anything that’s 15k or less power.


I’m very pleased in the direction that Red Gogeta takes in S11. It feels very strong and it has all the makings of a Tier 1 deck. I think building the deck go wide-aggro deck makes it a worse version of AoD and the deck shines more of a Mid-Range deck that has the capabilities to close out games if your opponent doesn’t have an answer to your explosive turn. I hope you enjoyed the deck profile and let me know what you think!

KKKkkkkkkkkkk, Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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