Vermilion Bloodlines – Majin Vegeta Returns

Arguably one of the most popular characters in all of the Dragon Ball universe finally returns to the DBSCG – Majin Vegeta!!!

There has been a ton of hype around this leader, some videos even eluding to it being the one of the best leaders in the game, and ultimately I think this leader helps add a much needed burst of aggression to Green as a whole. After Rise of the Unison Warrior’s release, a lot of the green strategies centered around just being mid-range/hand destruction decks that all revolved around the same set of cards, whereas with the release of Majin Vegeta we have the ability to play either an aggressive/combo oriented strategy, or we can actually play an aggressive/mid-range strategy that isn’t as easily disrupted. Today I want to dive into the more mid-range variant that highlights the power of Majin Vegeta’s awakened side.

The List

Click Here for Shenron’s Lair Deck List – The deck list intentionally shows both, playable SCR’s. Cell: Xeno is obviously the preferred SCR, but Masked Saiyan is more than passable.

The first thing that stands out is that yes, we move away from the Quickening engine completely and instead we’re leaning hard into all of the Majin Vegeta’s that were revealed in order to maximize the leader’s awakened side. Honestly, the card that has truly shined the most is the new negate that is receiving little to no hype at the moment – Mighty Strike Prince of Destruction Vegeta.

It’s a 2 cost negate that when you negate searches the top 7 of your deck for Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil and additionally has the [Servant] skill which gives the card plus 10000 power, with the downside of it not being able to ready during the charge phase. This means you get a 25k beater that you can swing with, tuck it with your leader skill to draw a card, and then on your awakened side, pay a green energy to play it from the bottom of your deck so you gain access to another swing – lather, rinse, repeat.

The more obvious, good card that people have been playing, Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Life and Death, also has the potential to take over the game once awakened due to the same interaction. You bottom deck it with your super combo, tap a green, play it from the bottom of the deck, and then now you’ll always have access to a 1 energy, 30k double striker that draws you a card and readies whenever your opponent activates a [Counter] skill. The draw a card from [Overlord] is such a huge boon whenever you’re trying to preserve your life total – that honestly has been a huge factor in preventing that feeling of the walls closing in that we talked about on the last Corona Cast.

Ratios and Turn Progression

For 1 drops that we actually pay for, we play a total of 14. If Demigra is in your opener, it is always your turn 1 play. If it isn’t then it really comes down to play/draw. If I am on the play, I prefer to play a Zarbuto if I already have a two drop Vegeta in hand, or if I don’t I will opt for Babidi, Evil Mindsnatcher. On the draw, I will either play Babidi, Evil Mindsnatcher or leave up energy for Earth-Destroying Kamehameha to protect life and disrupt the opponent.

Turn 2, depending on life total, if it is too high to awaken I will just leave up two for Vegeta. If it is at 7 and I have Zarbuto plus Earth-Destroying Kamehameha or Frieza, Imperial Inspiration I will play the turn aggressively and finish the turn by awakening at 5 life, readying two energy and then holding up Vegeta.

Turn 3, it really depends on life totals again. If you haven’t awakened yet, then Dark Broly – into awakening is the play. That way you can use your energy to enable your Leader’s awakened ability.

If you are awakened, then it comes down to you having a combination of Dormant Potential plus super combos to defend yourself on the opposing player’s turn. If you do, then you can still lean into Dark Broly, if you don’t then you can continue the beat downs by swinging with Vegeta 2 drop, bottom decking it with your leader skill to draw, then using your leader skill to tap a green and then replay it.

By turn 4, your plan is to either secure a large enough lead to play Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Prideful Warrior or continue the beats by recycling your Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Life and Death. All the while that this is going on, don’t forget that you’re green and you have access to the best defensive tools in the game to stay alive/disrupt your opponent.

Tech Choices

Zarbon, The Emperor’s Attendant is a cheeky way of getting to ready one of your Vegeta’s to enable an additional attack on the crack back.

Surprise Attack Frieza is just too free with cards like Frieza, Charismatic Villain and Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil.

Another consideration, if you lean harder into hand disruption would be Son Goku, Power of Legend.

Definitely the most obvious of tech choices, but want to note how powerful it is to have either live on turn 1 with Demigra, Unison of Sorcery. It truly cannot be stated enough how powerful this feels.

Giving yourself access to drop area utility is such a boon in green. For the Greater Good picked up a ton of mileage, and 2x Roshi feels like just enough to get you there.

Sideboard Considerations

Bardock, Paternal Unison is an amazing card to pivot to against any deck that is trying to leverage the combo step more than most, this is mostly Yellow decks with Zamasu Super Combo into Arrival card or Bardock, Raider’s Warcry.

Max Power Kamehameha is your out to any large threat, including this card which is becoming quite a nuisance when testing against Red Gogeta: Br:

Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan is a great option against AoD, Vegeks, and any other deck looking to accrue advantage through non-keyword skills.

An extra For the Greater Good and 2x Max Power Kamehameha can come in when you’re in any match-up where you feel extra negates are needed.

Saiyan Instincts is for mid-range mirrors and comes in handy against Dredgeku and any other hand destruction strategy. Also, I would be inclined to bring in another Unison in that match-up since the battle card plan gets much worse.

Arena Wrecker is your tech for Invoker and works in conjunction with Demigra, Unison of Sorcery to provide the perfect amount of early pressure plus disruption.


Overall, I truly love the streak of aggression that Majin Vegeta has brought to green. It truly is refreshing after all of the non-interactive games played with Dredgeku/Frieza where you’re just trying not to die while whittling away at their resources and then closing the game out with a leader swing, unison swing, then maybe a finisher in the distant future. This build of Majin Vegeta offers you the high utility of green as a whole, but gives you that true KO punch that can come at any point in the game. I have truly enjoyed this version of the deck and hope you get a chance to try it out as well!

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