Vermilion Bloodlines – Majin Vegeta Returns

Arguably one of the most popular characters in all of the Dragon Ball universe finally returns to the DBSCG – Majin Vegeta!!! There has been a ton of hype around this leader, some videos even eluding to it being the one of the best leaders in the game, and ultimately I think this leader helpsContinue reading “Vermilion Bloodlines – Majin Vegeta Returns”

Vermilion Bloodlines – Broly Returns!!!

Previews dropped for Series 11 and the boys and I have of course been in the lab brewing, tuning, and testing these new archetypes trying to see the strengths, weaknesses, and exploits each of the new engines entail. We all had our early favorites – Zapp wanted to work on Gotenks, Frisco of course wantedContinue reading “Vermilion Bloodlines – Broly Returns!!!”

Level Up: Battling Ego & Finding Your “Wheelhouse”

The past few days have been quite the experience in my own development within the DBSCG, and to be honest it came from a source outside of the game, but definitely won’t come as a surprise to anyone – I have been playing Magic Arena and man has it taken the blindfold off and allowContinue reading “Level Up: Battling Ego & Finding Your “Wheelhouse””

Anniversary Box Brews: The Grim Reaper of Justice

From Irrelevant to Competitive Rise of the Unison Warrior was a set that brought a ton of balance back to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, and that is most evident in the amount of success green has seen since the set’s release. The introduction of Unisons, the free Counter: Play, and Dormant Potential UnleashedContinue reading “Anniversary Box Brews: The Grim Reaper of Justice”

Red’s Savior: Jiren, Legend of Universe 11

Definitely the least talked about card from the Anniversary Box, but arguably the most impactful card to be released due to its ability to bring Red mid-range decks back into the tier 1/1.5 discussion – Jiren, Legend of Universe 11 offers something that Red decks have been longing for: the perfect mid-game threat that mitigatesContinue reading “Red’s Savior: Jiren, Legend of Universe 11”

Frisco Brews: Red Vegito is Back!!!

By Frisco Fahs Hey Scuba Scrubs!  We’re back with another deck profile and my first deck profile with the new Anniversary product that’s going to be released in the coming weeks. I’m super excited to go over my Vegito Deck profile that I’ve been working since Vegito, Resolved Combined was teased. Let’s dive right intoContinue reading “Frisco Brews: Red Vegito is Back!!!”

Agents of Destruction… HERE TO DESTROY!!!

Why, hello #ScrubFam.  For those that don’t know me, I go by Brian Read (since that’s my name) – aka: hurricanegl. It is my pleasure to bring to you today, a deck list I am quite fond of and simply cannot wait to play with IRL.  First, a couple of obligatory shout-outs:  Thank you 3xGContinue reading “Agents of Destruction… HERE TO DESTROY!!!”