I Heard You Like Dragons…

Vermilion Bloodlines has certainly delivered a number of new power house archetypes that all have format changing implications, but with just a handful of cards being spoiled the Shadow Dragons archetype received even more juice allowing it to maintain its tier 1 status. In fact, the crux of the deck was that you had aContinue reading “I Heard You Like Dragons…”

Lessons Learned Pt. 2: Don’t Get Too Cute

Spending 3 straight days testing series 11 with Frisco and Jose did a lot to not only uncover some truths within the format, but additionally it radically changed how we would have to approach deck building due to the massive engines included within Vermilion Bloodlines. Not only that, but certain cards and ways of thinkingContinue reading “Lessons Learned Pt. 2: Don’t Get Too Cute”

Lessons Learned Pt. 1: Always Do Your Thing

As the 3xG #scrubfam is aware, Frisco, Jose, and myself spent an entire weekend together messing around (pause) with all of the cards spoiled from Vermilion Bloodlines, and even adjusted as the new SCR’s were revealed by having access to Jose’s printer at home to get them printed to test with the moment they wereContinue reading “Lessons Learned Pt. 1: Always Do Your Thing”

SS4 Vegeta is Finally Here!!!

After a tease in Series 8, SS4 Vegeta has finally made his debut in Vermilion Bloodlines and of course has already received an overwhelming amount of attention from the DBSCG community. This attention has a lot to due with the leader’s built-in ability to ramp on both sides just by dealing damage, which definitely seemsContinue reading “SS4 Vegeta is Finally Here!!!”

Frisco Brews: Oh, How I’ve missed You Old Friend!

Hey Scuba Scrubs!  We’re back with another deck profile and this one brings back a lot good memories. Red Gogeta Br back in Set 6 was one of my favorite decks and it was so unappreciated/unrepresented, it gravitated my attention even more. So much so that I was 2nd in Swiss and top 16 inContinue reading “Frisco Brews: Oh, How I’ve missed You Old Friend!”

Vermilion Bloodlines – Majin Vegeta Returns

Arguably one of the most popular characters in all of the Dragon Ball universe finally returns to the DBSCG – Majin Vegeta!!! There has been a ton of hype around this leader, some videos even eluding to it being the one of the best leaders in the game, and ultimately I think this leader helpsContinue reading “Vermilion Bloodlines – Majin Vegeta Returns”