Giant Force Brews: PUMP UP THE JAM!!!

Shenron’s Lair Deck List

FINALLY!!! We can brew some sweet decks with some new crads!!! There comes a time every set where new cards are released and you then have to look back on the past to see if there are any old leaders or cards that best synergize with the new, shiny things. This time around, Broly//Broly, Evil Unleashed answered the call.

The Jams

Music Box is the JUICE. You search the top 7 for basically whatever you want, including a 1 drop Unison, and then you have an [activate: main] for (G) that allows you to sacrifice it to play a Tapion or Minotia (Usually, always Minotia). This is the start of your engine.

The Pieces

Tapion, Fate of a Hero fills a few roles – copies 4-8 of Music Box, a blocker/cantrip, and additionally can be discarded to trigger revive on 9 drop Hirudegarn from Db6.

Minotia, Unsealed Hero is truly the hero – as stated above, you’re going to sac your Music Box for Minotia always in order to start your chain.

Hirudegarn, Giant Force is, aside from your leader and Hoi, the most consistent enabler in the deck.

Sweep the Leg

Once you sac your Minotia, you’re going straight into Phantom Limbs who can again be removed or KO’d to take you up the chain.

Hirudegarn, Phantasmic Revival then comes down and has an [auto] that allows you to disrupt the combo step, and additionally again can be removed or KO’d to go up the chain again. The caveat here is that you need 3 or more energy for this effect.

Hirudegarn, Phantasmic Evolution is SNAPPED. 25k Critical that can EX-Evolve for free on top of the 4 drop, and then when it is removed or KO’d lets you go back into a 4, but more importantly go into the 9 drop from DB6. The thing that really puts it over the top is the [Activate: Battle] to KO it, allowing you to go up the chain, or make your opponent discard to cards, to then KO up to 2 of your opponent’s battle cards… [ACTIVATE: BATTLE]… RIGHT!?

Reoccurring Nightmares

Hoi, Hidden Ambition is a messed up card. The ability to enable your chain on both players’ turns through the combo step is absurd. This sets up some pretty gross plays where you have a 4 on board, with 3 energy on the opponent’s turn. You can then combo Hoi, sac the 4 drop, go into the 6, [Activate: Battle] to KO it and then KO 2 of your opponent’s battle cards, and then go into the 9 drop!!! BUSTED!!!

Of course we have Hirudegarn, the Reoccurring Nightmare which is finally the [Revival] payoff we deserve. Whenever you activate blocker your opponent will have to discard a card, and of course once it gets revived you can activate it again for some top tier defense.

Lastly, we have Ultimate AoD Broly SCR that is EASILY played in this deck due to all of the enablers. The perfect ending to the biggest hit single of ALL-TIME!!!


For the casual/competitive, Johnny players out there… this deck is a club banger. You have nearly flawless synergy with the leader and the engine and a deck that dodges the majority of counter: play within the format, which is huge. For those looking to make the most out of the Giant Force release, this deck is a great investment for both the kitchen table, and even some competitive events as well!

#scrubfamisbestfam #KTHXBAAAIIIIIIII

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