Last Action Hero

Yep that’s right, Promo Gogeta is playable, scratch that, he’s highly competitive. To celebrate the release of the Anniversary Box I am sharing another list featuring my favorite card from the set – Jiren, Legend of Universe 11.

As you saw earlier this week, I believe this Unison is the centerpiece to Red mid-range strategies that lean a bit harder into being aggressive. Not only that, but in deck building, since Jiren’s reveal, I have drastically shifted my mentality when it comes to approaching red decks in order to make up for the two main weaknesses of the color:

1.) Energy Inefficient

2.) Inability to Accrue Virtual/Actual Hand Advantage

This version of Red Gogeta not only addresses those things, but it also offers a ton of synergy and is incredibly flexible by being able to be both the “beatdown” and the “control”.

The List – (Heartfelt Variant)

Click Here for Shenron’s Lair Deck List

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this list is that the large majority of our threats we are playing for 0 to 1 energy across the course of an average game. The only time we invest more than that is if we are playing Toppo, Righteous Aid on defense, Gotenks, Unison of Rage, Jiren, Legend of Universe 11, or Critical Combination. This is how I am addressing the energy inefficiency of the color. Instead of paying for actual Battle Cards, I am instead opting to make the opponent’s counters worse by going under them, and then investing my energy into, ideally, Jiren.

Turning the Corner

This deck truly plays one of the coolest games once it plays Jiren on turn 3 and your leader is awakened. You now have access to two Double Strikers each turn at all times and you’ll find quickly that your opponent’s Unisons will never stick.

Another powerful thing that occurs is that if your opponent plays anything 20k or less on your turn, it is dead. Yup, Jiren will give it minus 10k, and then your leader’s [Activate: Main] KO’s anything 10k or less. Now factor this in with Whis, Celestial Moderator as your super combo and tools like Frieza’s Death Ball and Yamcha, Merciless Barrage; your opponent will never be able to build a board without it being easily dispatched for little to no effort on your part.

Once you’re here the game starts becoming this awful experience for the opponent where your leader and Unison force them into an inevitable concession.


The list posted is built with all cards I actually own instead of playing the best/most expensive version of the deck. Honestly the only change I would make would be playing 3x Saiyan Instincts just because of how grindy some games can be. As for SCR’s SS4 Gogeta makes the most sense here since you’re reliant on your leader and Jiren more than anything else.

The List – (Jund-ish)

Click Here for Shenron’s Lair Deck List

This version of the deck includes the Apes because this deck really is trying to play a more consistent, mid-range role. Again, note the average cost of the threats in the deck – we’re still following the same rules as before. The less you invest into your threats the worse your opponent’s counters and defensive measures become. This deck truly focuses on the resource exchanges with your opponent over time and doesn’t rely on any sort of KO punch, just one hundred leg kicks until eventually they can’t stand up anymore.

The biggest difference is straight up -4x Rushing Warrior Pan, -3x Heartfelt Plea for 3x Broly, Crown of Retribution (our Thoughtseize), 3x Saiyan Instincts, and 1x SS4 Gogeta SCR. If you’re looking to remain budget conscious I recommend 3x Frost, Before the Storm or some number of Final Guardian to be pitched to your Toppo’s for value. Additionally for your SCR you can opt for Frieza, Army Reborn or another copy of Critical Combination… or a copy of Foreseeing Hit which Mdolan2 from our Discord has been super high on.


This article started with “Yep that’s right, Movie Promo Gogeta is playable, scratch that, he’s highly competitive.”

Now that you’ve read the reasoning to why and have seen the lists, where do you stand on Jiren, Legend of Universe 11? How do you feel about this new wave of decks with such low converted energy costs? Lastly, what is your favorite card from the Anniversary Box?

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