Pre-Side BO1: Aggro Syn

Untap List:

1 Syn Shenron // Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Overflow (bt10-093)

1 The Power of a Super Saiyan (bt13-120)
2 Krillin, Moments Before Comeback (bt11-097)
2 Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief (bt9-091)
3 Negative Energy One-Star Ball (bt10-119)
3 Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate (bt10-115)
2 Furthering Destruction Champa (bt1-005)
2 Swift Retaliation Cooler (ex06-27)
1 Pan, Time Patrol Maiden (bt15-155 scr)
2 Omega Shenron, the Ultimate Shadow Dragon (p-284_pr)
2 SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate (p-261)
3 Syn Shenron, Shadow Dragon Leader (bt10-116)
4 Oceanus Shenron, the Anemancer (bt12-113)
4 Haze Shenron, Venomous Mist (bt10-117)
4 Nuova Shenron, Flame Shot Unleashed (bt12-109)
4 Eis Shenron, the Cryomancer (bt11-112)
4 Omega Shenron, Allies Absorbed (bt12-108)
4 Rage Shenron, the Electromancer (bt12-112)
4 Negative Energy Five-Star Ball (bt12-116)

2 Oceanus Shenron, Negative Energy Explosion (bt14-135)
2 Vegeta, Unison of Fury (ex12-02)
1 Max Power Kamehameha (ex13-34)
2 Frieza, Divine Transformation (bt12-100)
2 Forbidden Power (bt15-119sr)
3 Mechikabura, Plotting Revival (bt10-096)
1 Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate (bt10-115)
1 Syn Shenron, Shadow Dragon Leader (bt10-116)
1 Negative Energy One-Star Ball (bt10-119)

DBS Fest events are coming up, so I thought I would take some time to discuss a powerful and flexible archetype that would allow you to pivot each round depending on your level of comfort with each matchup you face throughout the day.

Aggro Syn… Still Bananas

First, let me say that I understand with the banning of Fu, Shrouded in Mystery, that Control Syn is definitely a contender. The thing is, having the ability to put any deck on the backfoot with the potential of winning on turn 3 every game is really hard to ignore.

Aggro Syn is probably the most efficient and consistent aggro deck that exists and the ability to catch players off-guard when they’re expecting Control Syn is incredibly appealing to me. Not only that, but since we’ve lost Power of a Super Saiyan, we are now given the opportunity to try something different and use those card slots for aggressive tools like Furthering Destruction Champa and SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate. The deck also can reliably deploy Pan SCR offensively as another free threat that can go for lethal when you reach critical mass.

The other thing that is appealing about catching players off-guard with Aggro Syn is that their removal options and floodgates may be flat out wrong. You also pick up huge percentage against decks that rely on charging dual-color cards in order to keep their deck functioning. This means that games when you’re on the play, you’re almost guaranteed to have a turn 3 kill as long as you have the means to awaken and get your normal board established.

Turn 1 – Eis for Rage Ball

Turn 2 – Leader swing, activate Rage Ball, Rage 2 swing, Oceanus into Nuova, play Nuova, rest Nuova, play Syn 4 from drop, sack Rage 2 for Omega 8, warp Oceanus, pass turn.

Turn 3 – Warp Rage 2 and take a life, play 9 drop Syn, swing with Omega and take a life, awaken, activate an Oceanus, rest Nuova to get Eis, Leader swing combo to 25, Eis swing, combo to 25, Swing Syn 9, combo to 40, Warp 7 dragons to play Omega Triple Striker, Over Realm 6 for Fighting Against Fate, play a One-Star Ball, Activate One-Star Ball for Syn 4 drop.

Against slow decks, this deck is an absolute dream. When you are lined up with other aggressive decks or midrange decks though, we can pivot completely since 4x Rage Ball, 4x Rage 2, 4x Nuova, 2x FAF, and 2x FDC are all “flex” slots and allow more than enough room for you to get your control package plus relevant tech cards.

We all know that Soul Striker, Gogeta: Xeno, Golden Frieza, and King Piccolo are the 4 decks that folks are talking about the most. Soul Striker has a hard time dealing with Aggro Syn, and so does King Piccolo. Against Gogeta: Xeno you’re incentivized to be more of a hybrid variant because Gogeta likes to tap out on turn 1 and 2. Against Golden Frieza, you can pivot and rely on your late game in order to win. Basically, Syn Shenron is the only leader that can offer you the ability to cover your matchups by playing three completely different variations between your main deck and sideboard. That is pretty insane to think about.


There are definitely some changes that could be made to the sideboard for whatever you fear the most or you just wish you had more of. There is also an argument to expanding the main deck to 52-54 cards to get some of those control pieces in the main to open up your sideboard even more. This list however is really trying to keep the main deck lean so that we can consistently reach that critical mass turn. What I really want to drive home here is that although Control Syn is a strong pick for these upcoming events, playing Aggro Syn or Hybrid Syn is probably going to be your best option if you’re trying to take advantage of this new competitive format. Happy testing <3.

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4 thoughts on “Pre-Side BO1: Aggro Syn

  1. You cant do the play described turn 2, as nuova states you can only play a card with a different character name to one you have it play and omega is a syn shenron.


  2. Hey, just curious, maybe I am missing something, but how do you play the 4 drop syn off of Nuova when the Omega has a character name of Syn Shenron?


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